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Leading the way in Non-Traditional Housing Refurbishments

In the early 1980’s many defects in design and construction were discovered in a number of non-traditional house types that were designed and built before the 1960’s.

These designs were designated as defective under the housing defects legislation. Although they only form a relatively small proportion of the UK’s non traditional housing stock, Local Authorities and private landlords are now required to bring these property types in line with current regulations. The aim is to sustain local communities, improve tenant quality of living and reduce the need for potential demolition.

Wetherby systems have successfully been used on many of the following housing types:

  • Airey
  • Arcal
  • Atholl
  • BISF (Upper Floor)
  • Bison Beam
  • Boswell
  • Cornish
  • Corolite
  • Cussins
  • Dorlonco
  • Dorran
  • Dyke
  • Hawksley BL8
  • Hawthorne-Leslie
  • Kenkast
  • Laing Easiform
  • Myton
  • Orlit
  • Reema
  • Shepherd Spacemaker
  • Spooner
  • Stent
  • Swedish Timber Frame
  • Tarran Bungalows
  • Tarran Newland
  • Unity
  • Wates
  • Wimpey No Fines
  • Woolaway

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Non Traditional Projects & Case Studies

Browse our gallery below for some of our ‘Non-Traditional’ projects

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BISF Properties: Litherland

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Cornish Property

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Laing Easiform Refurbishment

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