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CPD Presentations

We are delighted to introduce our newly available CPD specifically designed for architects and contractors alike. This new seminar has been structured to enhance your understanding of Wetherby and the products and services we offer along with developing your knowledge in the latest industry trends and the accelerating changes to local regulations and bye-laws.

Wetherby has been at the forefront of the EWI industry for more than 30 years, continually designing innovative product solutions, developing new installation techniques and successfully servicing a variety of energy efficient projects from domestic refurb, new build schemes, offsite/ modular builds,  commercial buildings and education establishments. Installing a Wetherby External wall insulation system reduces condensation, heat loss and CO2 emissions and cuts heating bills by up to 40%.

The Wetherby CPD provides a detailed overview on the following key points where suitable:

  • Company Overview
  • Compliance to Part A & Part B of the Building Regulations
  • Wetherby Insulants & System Finishes
  • EWI Systems for Non-Traditional Construction Methods e.g. Masonry, Timber Frame, Modular
  • Hi- Rise and Windloading
  • Technical Support
  • Accreditations & Quality Management
  • Customer Support
  • Applicator Training / Recognised Contractors
  • Warranties & Third Party Approvals

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