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Brick Slip Systems for Modular Construction

Benefits of Wetherby Clay Brick Slip Cladding for Modular Systems

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Unique Interlocking System
  • System build up flexibility
  • Real clay brick finish
  • Durable
  • BBA & KIWA accredited systems

The Wetherby Clay Brick finishes are a popular choice for our Modular Facade System. The range of 7mm, 9mm and 15mm brick slips enable a traditional brick appearance to be achieved in significantly reduced installation times.

Unlike alternative brick slip systems, which often comprise of a false acrylic brick finish, our clay brick slips are all manufactured and fired in the same was as traditional clay brick, providing a genuine brick finish.

This highly impact resistant system can be installed quickly, with a full application possible in one day.

BOPAS approval

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Insulation Options for Modular Brick Slip Systems

We have two main types of high density, interlocking insulation boards, specifically designed for our Wetherby Thin Coat Render Systems for Modular Builds.

Wetherby High Density EPS

The high density ribbed Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) boards with tongue and groove edge profile are manufactured from a polymer that incorporates a foaming agent which, when exposed to steam, creates a uniform closed cell structure, highly resistant to heat flow and moisture penetration.

Wetherby Enhanced EPS

Wetherby Enhanced EPS insulation board comprises expanded expanded beads of polystyrene that incorporate a graphite component, which are then fused together in a pressurised steam-heated mould. The inclusion of graphite ensures the product offers enhanced thermal performance and, when using a thickness of just 90mm, Enhanced EPS can meet the required u-values to meet building regulations with minimal disruption to the external envelope.

Wetherby Stone Wool

Wetherby Stonewool Insulation is a consistent density, high strength, rock Stonewool slab with a water-repellent additive specifically designed for use in external wall insulation systems.

Stonewool fibres realign during manufacture to increase impact strength without dramatically reducing thermal performance – making an ideal product for use behind a render finish.

Modular Projects & Case Studies

Browse our gallery below for all of our modular projects.

wetherby modular facade

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St Hilda’s Crescent, Leeds

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Space, Modular

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Hawthorne Avenue Development, Hull

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West Gorton Medical Centre

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