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15mm Brick Slip Cladding System

Wetherby 15mm brick slips are available in a wide range of colours and textures.

Wetherby Brick Slip Benefits

  • Offer a professional, real brick finish.
  • Offer a higher level of accuracy.
  • Have superb adhesion properties.
  • Offer faster application compared to traditional methods.
  • Additional foundations are not required.
  • Are suitable for both internal and external applications.

15mm Brick Slip Cladding System

The Wetherby Brick Slip System provides a unique, cost effective method of achieving a genuine brick effect by using brick slips, especially where the use of real brick is impractical. Traditionally, brick slips were manufactured by literally removing the face of an existing brick. This however proved very costly and led to a substantial amount of waste material.

As brick slip application reduces the need for highly skilled tradesmen and foundations, the demand for this unique method of creating a natural looking façade has increasingly grown. In conjunction with our brick manufacturing partners we are now able to offer a unique range of brick slips that are manufactured and fired in exactly the same way as traditional clay bricks. If you require a specific brick slip that you do not see here, or indeed if would like to match some existing bricks, please contact our Sales Department who will be more than happy to help you.

Why is the Wetherby 15mm Brick Slip System so unique?

The basis of the 15mm Brick Slip System is the specially profiled galvanised steel mesh which is fixed directly onto the existing substrate or EWI system. The mesh is fixed using specialist fasteners of the appropriate length to give a suitable penetration into all types of substrate to comply with wind loading requirements. The unique profiling of the mesh creates a natural brick coursing and joint width, which enables the installer to achieve perfectly level courses. Brick slips are bedded in adhesive mortar and pointed using coloured polymer pointing mortar. Wetherby Brick Slips are available in a standard range of colours and textures, however others may be obtained by special order. Pistol corner bricks are also available for building corners and to return the system into window and door reveals. Specially designed base profiles and verge trims are also available to ensure that the edges of the system are sealed and watertight.

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Wetherby Brick Slip SystemUnitCoverage Rate
Wetherby 15mm Brick SlipsVaries60 number per m²
Wetherby Pistol Corner SlipsVaries14 number per linear m

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