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Unveiling Versatile KIWA-Certified High-Performance Carrier Board Systems

Render Carrier Board Cavity System

Attain a space-saving decorative façade with our two new KIWA system certifications, tailored specifically for steel frame and timber frame buildings.

At Wetherby Building Systems Ltd we are excited to present the addition of the KIWA certified Render Carrier Board Cavity System to the certification range. The newly acquired KIWA BDA certifications (BAW 23-280-S-A-UK & BAW 23-278-S-A-UK) offer a light-weight space-saving solution with the option for multiple finishes for both steel and timber frame buildings.

These RCB systems have been engineered to cater to a broad spectrum of construction markets:

  • New Build: Ideal for timber and steel frame substrates, particularly where thermal performance (U-values) has been pre-achieved within the structure.
  • Modular/ Offsite: Perfect for prefabricated structures that demand durable and reliable materials that can withstand the rigors of transport and assembly.
  • Recladding: Where social housing schemes require a cost-effective solution for replacing failed systems.
  • Communal Areas: An ideal space-saving solution for communal areas, stairwells, or areas not requiring insulation.

Render Carrier Board Finish Options

  1. Silicone Render – A flexible, anti-crack formulation providing seamless application and a superior colour range.
  2. Clay Brick Slips – A real clay durable finish with heightened fire resistance when incorporated into the system.
  3. Acrylic Brick Slips – A lightweight façade option that combines aesthetic appeal with easy installation.

What is the fire rating for a Render Carrier Board system?

The Wetherby Carrier Boards approved for use within the system achieve a Euroclass A1 fire rating to BS EN 13501-1. However, when combined with a clay brick slip finish, an A1 system classification is achieved, providing the highest fire performance.

A1 Render Carrier Board Options

An A2-s1,d0 system fire classification is achieved when using Silicone Render or Acrylic Brick Slips as the system finish.

Steel Frame: KIWA BDA Certificate

Wetherby Render Carrier Board Cavity System

Timber Frame: KIWA BDA Certificate

Wetherby Render Carrier Board Cavity System

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