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Wetherby Alkali Resistant Fibre Mesh (Scrim)

Wetherby Alkali Resistant Fibre Mesh is an ideal reinforcement for render, particularly where the adhesion of the render may be suspect or where delaminating or cracking is evident.

In addition to it being an ideal anti-crack reinforcement for render only systems, it is also widely used on external wall insulation systems.

Wetherby Alkali Resistant Fibre Mesh is an alkali resistant flexible lattice made from specially woven glass-fibre strands.

It offers incredible strength when embedded into wet base coat render and is light, economical, tear resistant and easy to use.

Wetherby Alkali Resistant Fibre Mesh comes in four standard thicknesses to suit a wide range of applications:

  • Standard Mesh: The perfect mesh for standard day-to-day usage for cementitious render systems.
  • Lightweight Detail Mesh: A very fine mesh, ideal for window and door reveals, corners and joints where standard mesh may be a little too inflexible.
  • Heavyweight Armour Mesh: An ultra heavy reinforcing mesh, generally used where traffic levels are extremely high (such as schools/shopping centres). Offers superior strength and impact protection.
  • Galvanised & Stainless Steel Lath: Expanded Metal Lath is used for render work to provide a high degree of mechanical bonding where adhesion is difficult. It can be used for direct application with all render finishes in conjunction with a basecoat or can be fixed over insulation boards to carry conventional render finishes, especially where high levels of impact damage are expected.

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