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Mineral Render

Mineral Render

Quick Drying Render

The Wetherby Mineral Render range has been specially developed to combat the issues associated with applying external render in adverse weather conditions.

The unique render solution reduces the formation of a water film on the surface, allowing it to dry within two hours. The standard off-white finish can be simply transformed with the application of a silicone paint as a final top coat.

Available in more than 380 different shades for the combining paint/ stain, our Mineral Render finish allows an external façade to be created, that complements existing neighbouring properties, and meets any specific design criteria.

Suitable for manual or mechanical applications. Arriving pre blended in 25kg sacks – simply add water. The standard off-white finish is reminiscent of a traditional monocouche facade and can be finished using one to two coats of Mineral Render stain or silicone paint.

  • Highly permeable to water vapour and CO2
  • High water-resistance
  • Offers enhanced strength
  • Easy to apply

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