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Steel Frame

Being a growing method of ‘fast track’ panellised construction, Steel & Timber Frame is the perfect solution for the construction of social housing, commercial properties, public buildings and private finance initiatives.

Following the erection of a steel framework, an external skin of cement particle board (CPB) is applied (in the case of timber frame, a skin of OSB board is applied).

By incorporating insulation both within the frame and also on the external face of the CPB/OSB, designers are now able to significantly increase thermal and acoustic performance levels and achieve unbelievably low u-values. By using this method of construction, large structures can be erected, made watertight and finished externally with unbelievable speed.

Wetherby have developed a range of systems ideal for use with panellised construction methods, that can be used with both insulated or render only systems, and offer an unrivalled range of final finishes, textures and colours that can be applied to give the façade a modern, seamless appearance.

In public areas, where a higher than average level of traffic occurs and combined with the likelihood of non-standard impact levels, Wetherby can tailor a bespoke design to ensure that high traffic areas have extra reinforcement at suspect levels (please contact our technical department for further details).

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You may be interested in our range of Thin Coat Renders?

Wetherby’s versatile Thin Coat Render Systems are available in endless texture and colour options enabling design flexibility whilst delivering a clean, modern and vapour permeable façade.

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For information on suitable systems or technical advice, please speak to our Technical team on 0800 1073299 or email below.


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