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Four Seasons Render

Render in all Four Seasons with Premium Silicone Render

Silicone Render-Winter-Cold-Humidity-Four Seasons Render

Can You Use Four Seasons Render in Winter?

With the changeable UK climate often causing project delays, Wetherby Four Seasons Render is the ideal solution for you to combat adverse weather conditions you will experience in the UK, especially in the Autumn & Winter months.

Sitting within the range of Thin Coat Renders we offer; our Premium Silicone render (customers also refer to it as Wetherby 4S for short) offers significantly improved rain resistance. This allows rain damage to be limited after application and during the curing process reducing the risk of wash-offs and minimising associated damage repair costs.

Therefore, is better suited to winter conditions compared to other Silicone Render products in the UK market. What’s more, like all Wetherby renders, it is easy to apply.

We also offer a quick curing Mineral Render in our range, which is also suitable for application in colder months.

” Use for application on average 55 days more per year …”

Render Advantages

Four Seasons can be applied 1°C to 30°C, and relative air humidity of up to 95%, increasing the application days available.

As a result, you can use for application on average 55 days more per year, considerably increasing your productivity during cold or wet periods throughout the year.

It’s not only the Winter months that are affected by the cold, rain and increased humidity. Four Season Premium Silicone Render benefits from flexibility of application in a variety of conditions, which can save time on installation and cut costs on labour and scaffolding, as installations don’t need to be planned weather dependant.

  • User can apply in temperatures of +1 °C to 30 °C
  • Render in high relative air humidity up to 95%
  • Rainproof 16-24 h
  • Very highly water-repellent

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Render Colour Options

Available in more than 380 different NCS colour shades and a variety of textures.

Download the colour range brochure.

Premium Silicone Render Colour Application

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