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Beads, Trims & Fixings

Wetherby supply a wide range of specialist beads, trims and fixings for a variety of applications to ensure accurate detailing.

All Wetherby systems boast clean crisp lines, and it is important that all exposed edges are protected and made watertight.

Beads are available in powder coated galvanised steel (PCGS), stainless steel, aluminium or PVC.

Nosings in complimentary colours are also available.

Wetherby technical staff are able to offer advice on the exact beads to use for a particular application and the correct specification for the exposure.


Wetherby supply a wide range of fixings for a variety of purposes. It would be impractical to display all of the current range, however just to give some indication, we have displayed some of the most common below.

Please contact Technical Support for further details.

Contact Us

For more information beads, trims & fixings, call 01941 717100 or email below.


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