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BISF properties are renowned for being thermally inefficient with heat rapidly escaping through the poorly insulated walls, especially on the upper floors which are constructed from corrugated steel panels.

One Vision Housing required a solution that would not only improve the thermal efficiency of these properties but also give them a whole new look.

Triangle Architects specified a Wetherby Insulated Render System as the 100mm EPS insulation used within the system greatly reduced the U-value from 2.79W/m²K to 0.30W/m²K, bringing it into line with current building regulations and giving the tenants properties that were much warmer to live in and cheaper to heat.

The windows on these BISF properties were set into metal pods that protruded from the front elevation. To envelope the window pods and prevent thermal bridging, Wetherby designed the EPS insulation to be pre-formed at the factory to fit snuggly around pods and give a seamless façade.

Wetherby 1.5mm Silicone ‘K’ Render in brilliant white was used on the central facades with special Wetherby Glazed Brick Slips encapsulating the area around and above the door and wrapping around the side of the properties in a stack bonded pattern.

Black Brick Slips were chosen for the majority of the area with brightly coloured Brick Slips providing a relief detail around the entrance areas.

The overall effect gave a striking modern finish to.

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