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Silicone Paint & Stain

For render projects that simply need a freshen up or if you are looking to change the colour of the facade, we recommend our Wetherby Silicone Paint & Stain. A flexible and anti-crack formulation that can be matched to any NCS, RAL, BS or even competitor colours.

Wetherby Silicone Paint

Wetherby Silicone Paint is a highly water repellent silicone resin emulsion paint.  It is a high-quality, eco-friendly and open porous coating providing increased water resistance whilst still allowing the insulated render system to breathe. Suitable for a wide range of substrates, this paint offers a refreshed, good as new appearance to any render system and is a great option for surrounding fixtures or features.

Wetherby Stain

Wetherby Stain is a ready mixed pigmented coating ideal for application as a topcoat for thin coat finishes. It has excellent dirt pick up resistance and is designed to be effective in areas where atmospheric pollution is a problem.

Wetherby Stain is a low-profile coating providing colour to the surface with minimum film build up, therefore allowing the original granular appearance of the render finish to be retained. The product can be tinted to the original render colour or to a reference of a specific colour range such as NCS, RAL or BS references, providing thousands of options. New technology eliminates colour inconsistency.

Click here to see the range of most popular colours or alternatively use our advanced colour selector for even more colours.

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SIlicone & Acrylic Thin Coat Render - Rendering in adverse weather-

Rendering in adverse weather?

Wetherby Four Seasons Silicone Render is the ideal solution for application in adverse weather conditions.

The enhanced silicone render enables application in low temperatures and high humidity, suitable for application in all 4 seasons.

Download the Thin Coat Render brochure here for more information.

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Silicone & Acrylic Projects & Case Studies

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