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Wetherby’s Dry Dash helps to restore St Helens Chantry!

Wetherby has taken the opportunity to donate nearly 2 tonnes of its dry dash to help a local restoration project.

St Helens Chantry was built by Sir Thomas Gerard and consecrated by John Catrick; the Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield in June 1415 making it over 600 years old.

There is believed to be around 8000 burials within the grounds dating back to the 1600’s and over the last 5 years a further 300 stones have been unearthed from 2 feet underground including many graves of soldiers.

A group of local volunteers are currently working hard to restore the tombstones that are now sadly in disrepair.

At the moment, the team are currently restoring a number of the soldiers’ graves and have chosen our white dry dash to differentiate these stones from others within the grounds. It is clear the Wetherby dashing aggregates have already made a huge impact.

The donated dry dash will see numerous graves restored over the next few years and this has all been made possible thanks to the dedication and hard work from the local community.

It is a pleasure to support the local community in such an inspiring project and we are looking forward to seeing the Chantry develop over the coming years.


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