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Wetherby Wanderers Kilimanjaro Success


The Wetherby Wanderers have returned triumphant!
Paul, John and Vicki have experienced an emotional roller-coaster throughout the 7 day expedition and we are very proud to say that all 3 of them reached the breath taking summit of Mt Kilimanjaro to live to tell the tale.

Kilimanjaro2I think they all agree that this was the hardest but most satisfying challenge to date with all 3 experiencing highs and lows at every stage. They have been physically and mentally tested throughout this journey and on occasions pushed very close to their limits especially as they were faced with the added difficulties of the appalling weather conditions. Despite all this they pulled through together, seeking encouragement and support from the fantastic team of people around them allowing them to reach their goal.

Kilimanjaro5Since returning home, Vicki has had chance to reflect on reaching the summit….
With the sky still full of stars and the horizon breaking I was frozen, lips blue and pig tails white with frost. It was so beautiful up at the top, it was breath-taking. A moment that will stay with me forever is being told John was on his way and when we saw him it was just amazing. All three of us made it to the top of Africa and yes, I would do it all again tomorrow!!

Kilimanjaro4 However, they could not have completed this journey without the incredible support from everyone back home and the overwhelming donations that have continued to flood in. We would like to thank everyone for their amazing generosity which will make a huge difference to all 3 nominated charities. The goal was to reach a massive £12,000 and I can proudly say we that we have absolutely smashed this target with an impressive total of £15,000!

Congratulations Wetherby Wanderers on this incredible achievement!


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