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Wetherby support NHS Give Blood Campaign

Give BloodYou may have noticed there are some missing letters from our logo, along with multiple famous landmarks and companies all over the world dropping the letters A, B and O.

These are, of course, the letters that represent blood groups. This is all in support of the NHS Blood and Transplant #Missing Type campaign to highlight the global importance of blood donation.

Give Bloog 1The campaign aims to:

  • reverse a trend in the decline of new blood donors over the last decade
  • contribute to the 204,000 people we need to attend a donation session for the first time to give blood in 2016 to replace people who can’t donate anymore, to make sure we have the right mix of blood groups

Message: You won’t miss it when you give it; but patients could miss it if you don’t. Do something amazing and save or improve up to three lives by giving blood.

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