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Wetherby Respond to NAO Report on Green Deal

The recent report from the National Audit Office (NAO) has branded the scheme poor value for money and accused it of failing to deliver emissions savings.

The NAO said the Green Deal cost taxpayers £240m, primarily through the series of grants that were introduced in an attempt to stimulate demand after the initial launch of the financing scheme failed to attract the thousands of households that had been expected.

It concluded the scheme had “not achieved value for money” and “has not generated additional energy savings”.

However, this determines that there are still thousands of homes seeking energy efficiency measures to get them out of fuel poverty. Thus, provides an opportunity for a better Energy Initiative Scheme.

Wetherby’s ECO Manager, Barrie Stanley, said: “All the comments made by the NAO make sense. DECC never really consulted regarding Green Deal. It was always going to be too risky for home owners to put the costs and debt on their property, and paid via energy bills. EWI in particular would have placed multi thousand debts on the property.

“In reality, EWI requires a funding stream distinct from other measures. Loft and Cavity insulation can both be done in a few hours whereas EWI is a full refurbishment programme.

“People living in Solid wall homes have no other way to reduce Energy Bills and make their homes warmer and healthier.

“We are working with a few of the Big 6 Energy Companies to offer ideas on targeting EWI to fuel poverty homes in deprived areas. We have to see a return to area based schemes which can deliver EWI at lower costs taking advantage of critical mass for scaffold, labour and materials.”

Read NAO Report Summary


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