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Wetherby Achieve 60 Year BOPAS Certification

Wetherby Building Systems are specialists in external wall insulation and façade systems for multiple markets, however we have undertaken extensive research and development to create innovative solutions for use in the New Build, Modular and Offsite market to extend our offering.

BOPAS approval

As part of the process, our systems underwent a Maintenance and Durability Assessment with Buildoffsite Property Assurance Scheme (BOPAS) and we are delighted to have achieved certification for our Brick Slip & Silicone Rendered External Wall Insulation Systems.

The BOPAS assessment is intended to give confidence and necessary assurance to funders and investors that the Wetherby Modular Brick Slip & Render Systems can be used for Offsite and Modular projects.  The accredited system will also be readily mortgageable, providing a durable and reliable cladding solution for in excess of 60 years (at least two mortgage terms) – which is reassuring for potential buyers.

The system is for use on lightweight steel framed buildings and timber framed buildings, with major emphasis on the finish options for brick slips and silicone render.

We like to know are clients have a full range of options when it comes to finishes and Wetherby Silicone Render and Brick Slip finishes are no exception. They both offer a multitude of finish and colour options!

For more information on the system drop us an email below or view the certificate details here

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Drop us an email for more information on the system.


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