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UK Brick Shortage Still Present

Reports say UK was short of approx 500 million bricks in 2017…

Could brick slips be the answer?

An interesting article this week in The Construction Index suggested UK brick makers were unable to satisfy domestic demand last year. While the UK brick shortage has been widely reported, they stated that there was a deficit of approximately 500 million bricks that had to be supplied through imports.

7mm thin brick slipsWith industry bodies and government parties stating that the UK needs at least 200,000 new homes a year, house builders are under pressure to complete new housing projects on time and cannot afford delays as a result of the lengthy waits for brick currently being experienced. However, the traditional, familiar feel of brick is still the preferred finish for many house builders, with others bound by planning constraints that stipulate a brick finish.

Using a brick slip finish, such as Wetherby’s BBA approved Clay Brick Slip System, means it is possible to achieve a traditional brick appearance, while benefiting from the time savings associated with alternative construction methods. Brick Slip systems such as Wetherby’s are proving popular for offsite/ modular houses, which require a lightweight and durable system, while still achieving the real brick facade.

Wetherby Sales Director, Paul Kirby, said: “When we developed the product, it was important for us that it looked like a genuine brick finish and not just an acrylic imitation. We always want to add value with all of our product offerings and with Wetherby Clay Brick Slips we can provide an authentic brick finish for a property, while reducing build time”.

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