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Tissington Court undergone vital EWI refurb from Wetherby

tissington-court-2Tissington Court in Ashbourne, Derbyshire has recently undergone vital refurbishment work to the external walls of the apartment block with the help of Wetherby’s EpsiCoat EWI system.

The external walls of the property were originally installed with a sand and cement render when built which has since failed causing cracks and moisture to form throughout the walls.

Sand and cement render is a traditional but inflexible material and when significant changes in temperature happens, the render is unable to expand and contract with the movement of the building and or the external temperatures causing cracks to happen. Once cracks have formed, water can get in and soak into any voids between the render and substrate so instead of evaporating in the open air, it is then driven into the building itself forming patches of moisture on the wall which has been the case for Tissington Court.

IGL Surveying and Future Homes have collaborated throughout the repair work for this apartment block specifying Wetherby’s EpsiCoat Silicone ‘K’ 1.5mm Render System.


Initial work involved the removal of all existing render followed by intense cleaning to remove any friable material, algae and lichen leaving the walls in good condition to apply Wetherby’s EpsiCoat Silicone ‘K’ 1.5mm render direct to the blockwork in colour 0804Y10R.

In addition the repair work also incorporated a re-design of the balcony drainage system which was contributing to the render failure and discolouration.

The system was finished off with Wetherby’s unique Aspira Render Protector as this is an ideal solution for protecting facades of properties situated in highly exposed settings against pollution, staining, algae and dirt. The Render Protector is vapour permeable, allowing the system to breath whilst creating a highly water resistant (Superhyrdrophobic) surface, causing the moisture to bead and simply roll down the surface and clean the render as it goes. This highly water repellant coating has proved to be the perfect finish to this apartment block due to it’s superior protection levels meaning the residents can be rest assured that their properties will remain moisture and crack free.

Since completion of the apartment block the aesthetic appearance has greatly improved giving it a fresh new look and bringing it inline with modern standards.


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