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Redevelopment of Wallis House

wallis-houseDamp penetration and high heating costs has resulted in the recent redevelopment of Wallis House in East Grinstead. This solid wall high rise has undergone a transformation to include the installation of Wetherby’s external wall insulation.

Southern Housing Group sought to deliver this project with the collaboration of Lakehouse and Envirofacades ltd focusing on significantly boosting the thermal efficiency of the properties as well as treating the damp penetration.

Wetherby’s Epsiwall system using a combination of Phenolic and Wetherby EpsiTherm (enhanced EPS) insulation was specified as the best measure for this type of construction. This dual insulation approach meant the thermal efficiency of the building could be maximised whilst also overcoming the challenges surrounding the harder to insulate areas through the multiple balconies and walkways. 60mm phenolic insulation was used for all the soffits  as the low thermal conductivity allows thermal performance targets to be achieved with minimal thickness and is particularly ideal where space saving is important. 90mm EpsiTherm insulation was used on all other elevations throughout the building, as the expanded beads of polystyrene incorporate a graphite component allowing this to offer enhanced thermal insulation whilst making it a cost effective method.

The system has been finished with the application of Wetherby’s Silicone ‘K’ 1.5mm render in two colours giving the building a clean and modern new look.

On completion of the project the U-value has been drastically improved from 3.40w/m²K to 0.29w/m²K meeting current building regulation requirements. This is fantastic news for the residents as their energy bills will be kept to a minimum and they will be reaping the benefits of warmer, weather resistant homes.


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