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Park Home Refurbishment

Park Homes

A typical Park Home occupies a thin, single skin wall which makes them difficult to heat. The current provisions for insulation and thermal performance standards for the build of Park Homes suggest they should be built and insulated to a standard that is comfortable for use all year round. However, these standards are significantly below that set by current building regulations, meaning many Park Home owners are living in fuel poverty.

Park Home owner Mrs Dwyer was eager to upgrade the energy efficiency and aesthetics using a Wetherby External Wall Insulation system to enhance the property and help reduce her energy bills. Wetherby recognised installers Ellipse Energy where employed to take on the refurbishments and install the system.

An initial assessment of the Park Home was carried out by independent engineer S K Consulting, to check for any issues or defects within the existing property and the suitability for EWI installation. Pull out tests were also completed by a Wetherby Technical Site Manager who ensured no additional methods of support were required for the EWI systems.

Ellipse Energy made all repairs required to the Park Home and prepared the substrate ready for the system to be installed. The beads and profiles were then fixed to the substrate along with 70mm Epsitherm (enhanced EPS). K&A Basecoat and glass fibre reinforcing mesh was then installed to provide a highly impact resistant layer. The property was finished with WBS 1.5mm silicone ‘K’ render in 0500N (white) to give a fresh look.

Additional insulation was also installed to the chassis of the property to ensure the Park Home received the full thermal benefits of the refurbishment.

Mrs Dwyer was looking to further enhance the aesthetics of her property. Ellipse Energy proposed and designed an attractive brick quoin pattern using Wetherby 15mm brick slips in Laguna, which created a striking feature to the Park Home.

Mrs Dwyer’s Externally Insulated Park Home will;

• Reduce Carbon Footprint
• Lower Energy Bills
• Reduce Noise Intrusion
• Improve Aesthetics
• Reduce inside summer temperatures


Park Homes 2

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