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Wetherby – the non-traditional experts!

In celebration of their continued success in the Non-Traditional Housing arena, Wetherby are planning to release a range of ‘before’ and ‘after’ images on their twitter feed, commencing on 1st September 2013, to help demonstrate the positive thermal and aesthetical impact that their external wall insulations system offer.


The term ‘non-traditional housing’ is often used to describe the variety of building methods that were adopted from the early 20’s right through to the late 1960’s to address the severe housing shortages following the First and Second World Wars.

Since traditional building materials and skilled tradesmen were particularly short on the ground, in excess of 650 rapid construction methods were devised using more readily available materials such as steel, timber and precast reinforced concrete (PRC).

However since very little consideration was given to the structural integrity or insulation content of these homes, many were considered defective under the housing defects legislation in the 1980’s.

Wetherby’s marketing director Anne-Marie Armstrong comments “At Wetherby, we consider ourselves to be experts in the external refurbishment of many property types, but especially those of non-traditional construction where to date we have applied our EWI systems to more than fifty individual types. We have decided to release a selection of images on our Twitter feed which we hope will clearly demonstrate what the adoption of an insulated render system can achieve, especially from an aesthetic perspective, but of course the thermal benefits offer the presiding beneficial factor.

When considering that some of these properties are almost 100 years old, Clients need to be given sound technical advice on the correct systems and components to use when considering external upgrades on their properties and Wetherby’s technical team are more than capable of just that.”

Wates Living Space have recently taken advantage of Wetherby’s expertise and have delivered external improvements and renovations to almost 900 homes in the Withington and Burnage area of Manchester using a Wetherby EWI system which was finished using a range of standard and ceramic type brick slips.  An online diary of the extensive works carried out can be accessed here: http://non-trad-refurb.blogspot.co.uk/

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