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NIA Calls for Street-by-Street Energy Efficiency to Support Economic Recovery

Wetherby Building Systems Ltd supports the National Insulation Association’s (NIA) latest report on how the recovery from COVID-19 pandemic provides an opportunity to accelerate the low carbon transition to build a stronger, more resilient Britain.

The NIA report covers how improving UK homes could create 8,000 new jobs, reduce carbon emissions, drive down energy bills, alleviate fuel poverty, and save the NHS £1 billion.

Proposals within the paper include a street-by-street approach to home upgrades transforming the local streetscape by tackling clusters of properties at the same time through a two-stage process: a retrofit assessment or green MOT for all homes below EPC Band C, followed by deep retrofit upgrades for those most in need. The grants would be used for a combination of fabric efficiency improvements, such as loft and wall insulation, and low-carbon heating systems such as heat pumps.

Properties would be identified by local authorities working closely with Local Energy Hubs commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

Derek Horrocks, Chairman of the National Insulation Association, said:  “The benefits that come from improving the quality of our homes are substantial on any level but particularly now as we come out of the crisis. Jobs have been lost, incomes have dipped and at the same time energy bills have risen because we are spending more time at home. For anyone living in or at risk of being affected by fuel poverty, this is critical – and the best way to tackle the issue is to improve the quality of our homes.

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