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Introducing the NEW Wetherby A1 EWI Render System to Direct Fix Range

A1 Direct Fix Render EWI System

Achieve Superior Thermal Performance and Countless Colour Choices with our New EWI A1 Direct Fix Render System for Steel Frame Substrates

Wetherby Building Systems Ltd is excited to introduce our addition of the Wetherby A1 Direct Fix Render System to our external wall insulation accreditation portfolio. Now specially engineered for direct fix application to steel frame substrates, with our recently acquired KIWA BDA certification (BAW 21-201-S-A-UK).

A1 EWI Render System: Thermal Performance

The ROCKWOOL’s A1 Stone Wool Insulation provides exceptional thermal benefits to the system. It is expertly coated in Wetherby’s K+A A1 Scrim Adhesive, ensuring a seamless and high-quality finish. The system is finished with Wetherby’s Heck ED Mineral Render and Heck Silicone Paint. These finishing materials are perfect for use with stone wool insulation. This combination offers great breathability and enhancing the overall thermal performance of the system. The Wetherby A1 direct fix system unarguably holds the highest European fire classification to the BS EN 13501-1 standard, therefore offering maximum safety and peace of mind to construction professionals and building occupants. As a result, we now offer an even more comprehensive range of options. This emphasizes Wetherby’s commitment to deliver innovative and top-quality solutions prioritizing fire resistance and protection.

What additional finish options are available for direct fix application onto steel frame substrates?

Wetherby’s new Steel Frame Direct Fix KIWA BDA certificate incorporates multiple options. Our Clay Brick Slip finish also offers an A1 rating in addition to the A1 ‘direct fix’ Mineral Render option.

Furthermore, we have Acrylic Brick Slips (A2 Rated), and Silicone Render systems (A2 Rated). We seek to offer the industry with an an expanded repertoire of solutions for steel frame projects. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs of our customers by offering innovative and reliable products that deliver exceptional results.

To see more EWI system options, please visit our System Certifications page.

KIWA BDA Certificate

Wetherby A1 EWI Render System: Steel Frame Direct Fix


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