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Are traditional housebuilding methods holding back the carbon agenda?

The UK Government has set the ambitious target of ensuring that all new build homes are Net Zero by 2025, which places immense pressure on our current house building methods as we must evolve to meet these targets. New legislation will require new build homes to be future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading levels of energy efficiency, but are our traditional housebuilding methods equipped to do this, or could it be holding back the carbon agenda?

We will be involved in a live webinar and joined by a panel of experts from Rockwool UK, ilke Homes, PDP and Max Fordham LLP. Our Technical Director, Joe Ragdale will be representing Wetherby Building Systems Ltd where he will be discussing the adaptation of systems for modern methods of construction and the challenges Wetherby witness as a system designer.

Tune in at 2pm on Wednesday 28th April for the Net Zero Live discussion!

Net Zero Live 2021

Live webinar discussing how the latest UK net zero ambitions will impact the housing market.

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