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Making a sustainable commitment …

Wetherby has now expanded its innovative ‘Waste Collection Scheme’, which will ultimately prevent a significant amount of insulation waste from being disposed of in landfill sites.

A long-standing waste take back scheme has been in place for Wetherby’s phenolic insulation for a little over 18 months and the scheme is now being expanded to include the majority of its insulation product portfolio.

Committed to saving energy and with a view to meeting increased customer demand for partnering with EWI providers with clear sustainable credentials, Wetherby has recently added its Epsitherm EPS product range to the Waste Collection Scheme. This sees clean off-cuts generated from its high performance grey polystyrene systems collected from site and taken back to the factory, to be re-ground and utilised in the manufacturing of new EPS products. This recycling process also helps reduce climate emissions as recycling a material generally uses less energy than manufacturing from virgin materials.

Wetherby’s target for the Waste Collection Scheme in 2013 is to recycle 5,000m3 and in the first quarter alone it successfully recycled 1,215m3.

Commenting on the improved scheme, John Armstrong, supply chain manager for Wetherby, said: “As a company, we are fully committed to saving energy and our waste collection scheme is just one of the sustainable commitments we are making towards our mission of ‘creating a greener future’.

“The ability to demonstrate clear sustainable credentials is becoming an increasingly important part of the tender process, with contractors seeking providers who clearly outline their strategy before making decisions on specifications. The continual development of our waste collection scheme reassures specifiers, contractors and social housing providers that they are working with an environmentally responsible EWI provider.”


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