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Look out for us on the road, we are nationwide!

Following the growth of our nationwide operations, we have partnered with local haulage companies to expand our fleet in the Scotland and South West areas.

Last month Wetherby introduced a new 26 tonne wagon to service hard to reach areas of Wales and the West Country, with long-term haulage supplier Trojan-Mek Limited.

Our more recent collaboration is with our other long standing haulage company Hayston Transport Ltd, based in Scotland.

The dual branded vehicles have been fitted with a two tonne moffett fork lift truck to allow mechanical offload and enable deliveries to be made to previously difficult to access sites.

The addition of the fork lift truck also provides operational and cost efficiencies to customers, with quicker loading and off-loading times, turnaround time is reduced on-site, while its ability to travel over rough terrain further saves time when trying to move product around a construction site.

So look out for us, you will see our wagons travelling throughout Scotland, England and Wales!

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