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The most deprived area in England gets the Wetherby treatment!

Jaywick is a small seaside village near Clacton-on-Sea, Essex. It was originally built in the 1930’s and was intended as a holiday resort for Londoners. Many of the houses were poorly constructed with little or no thought given to insulation, since they were only intended for short-term holiday use. As time passed, more and more people moved into the area and stayed.

Many of the holiday homes are now permanent residences and in a state of disrepair. According to the Indices of Deprivation 2010 (which ranks 32,482 areas in order of deprivation), part of the village is ranked number one – that being the most deprived area in England. During the North Sea flood of 1953, Jaywick was flooded, resulting in the deaths of over 35 people.

Many residents choose to avoid referring to the area as Jaywick due to the town’s reputation, opting instead to refer to the town as “West Clacton”. Gun and knife crime is rife, education is poor and unemployment high. There is no gas supply to the area and all homes are fuelled by electricity which only adds to their thermal inefficiency.

[ Read related Daily Mail article – published 03.04.13  http://bit.ly/13WKfP2 ]

Drawing on their years of experience of thermally upgrading housing stock in severely deprived areas, Wetherby and Hamilton Building (Contractors) Limited targeted this area specifically since CERT funding became available to selected deprived Lower Super Output Areas (LSOA’s).

Acrobat Carbon Services acted as Managing Agents for the scheme, partnering with Hamilton (Building Contractors) Limited who were appointed main contractors, with a fully funded contract.

Phase 1 commenced on 12th November 2012 and consisted of 60 properties, all of differing construction with no two houses the same. This obviously posed a significant challenge to system designer Wetherby who had to ensure that the system specified was going to be suitable for all.

The Wetherby Epsicon 3 System was eventually selected incorporating 100mm WBS EPS Premium insulation. WBS EPS Premium thermally outperforms standard white EPS due to its lower K-value, meaning that lower thicknesses are required to achieve required U-values.

Since no two properties were of the same design and one of three construction types (timber frame, solid concrete, single skin brickwork), each home had to be individually addressed and any issues tackled as the project progressed. Consequently, since the construction types differed, the reductions in U-value following installation varied.

Construction Type           Pre-Installation         Post-Installation
Timber Frame                         1.92 W/m2K                    0.27 W/m2K
Single Skin Brickwork           2.10 W/m2K                    0.28 W/m2K
Solid Concrete                         2.14 W/m2K                    0.28 W/m2K

Stainless steel beads and trims were specified since the dwellings were situated just off the coastline. The insulation was encapsulated with an alkali resistant mesh, to offer increased tensile performance and finished using WBS Dashing Mortar and WBS Harvest Dry Dashind Aggregate.

All 60 properties were completed on schedule and to a high standard, by December 20th 2012.
Home Owner feedback has been extremely positive. The works have refreshed the entire community and assisted in generating an increased community spirit within the area.



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