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EWI extended lifetimes … latest news

Ofgem have recently approached the trade association NIA regarding recent queries from companies concerning ‘Extended Lifetimes’ being awarded for External Wall Insulation Systems under ECO.

In a message intended to keep members up to speed, Ofgem released the following statement:

‘Ofgem can confirm that although we have received supplier applications for non-standard lifetimes for EWI, and a number of manufacturer enquiries for non-standard lifetimes for a range of insulation products, we have yet to award a non-standard lifetime. We have not considered the evidence received to date sufficient to award a non-standard lifetime

This does not mean that we will not award a non-standard lifetime for EWI in the future, should sufficient supporting evidence be submitted. The moment a non-standard lifetime is awarded we will publish it on our website.’

Wetherby will consider to monitor this situation and post updates to this site accordingly.

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