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ECO statistics – Update

The latest Green Deal and ECO statistics released by DECC this week show a promising increase in the uptake of ECO measures, which are up 32% with 44,917 measures installed in July, compared with 34,017 in June.

However, despite a positive rise in installations overall, it is disappointing that only 4% of the energy efficient measures installed under ECO to date have been solid wall insulation. Loft insulation (40%), cavity wall insulation (34%) and new boilers (21%) have a much bigger share of the total measures and it is important that solid wall insulation installations are brought up to the same level.

With some 7 million solid wall properties in the UK, the potential for solid wall insulation is there and needs to be realised. Causing an issue for some, solid wall insulation is the most expensive measure to be installed, yet with the majority of heat in a property being lost through walls, it is also the most effective and needs to be more readily considered.

There is also still a large lack of understanding throughout the industry with regards to the funding of solid wall insulation measures, which is causing a major barrier to work being commissioned. Ofgem has a responsibility to improve clarity around the funding process and banking of carbon to enable more solid wall insulation projects to be commissioned.

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