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Cosy Homes for Devon

Cosy_Devon_logoResidents in Mid Devon are being urged to take advantage of part or fully funded solid wall insulation before the offer ends in September 2014.


The Cosy Devon Scheme is a framework created by Devon and Torbay local authorities to provide energy efficiency measures to private sector residents.

E.on was appointed as the long term delivery partner to provide these measures, which is hoped to be up to 7,000 installations by March 2015. E.on are looking to engage with locally based contractors in order to help deliver the works through the Cosy Devon Scheme.

A Wetherby system was chosen to be installed on multiple properties throughout the scheme.

Cllr Ray Stanley, district council cabinet member for housing, said: “A home without insulation loses half of its heat through its roof and walls so there are lots of advantages to installing insulation.”

“You will increase the warmth of your home, reduce your fuel bills, improve the energy rating of your property and help the environment.”

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