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Colomberie rejuvenation project creating new homes and jobs for the town

The latest renovation project in Colomberie, St Helier has breathed new life and jobs into the town with the redevelopment of a tired office building situated on the corner of La Colomberie and Grenville Street.

The transformation has included a full refurbishment of the external envelope using Wetherby’s EpsiTherm EWI system which has helped rejuvenate the area and modernise the town centre.

GR Langlois Ltd purchased the property in 2014 with a view to create a commercial unit on the ground floor for a Co-op local food store followed by 1 & 2 bed high spec apartments on floors 1, 2 & 3 with a rooftop garden area to the 4th floor.

Rok Construction Ltd and approved Wetherby installers, MKM Plastering Ltd collaborated throughout the project specifying Wetherby’s EpsiTherm system. The EpsiTherm insulation comprises of expanded beads of polystyrene that incorporate a graphite component, which are then fused together in a pressurised steam-heated mould. The inclusion of graphite ensures the product offers enhanced thermal performance. Throughout the project varying thicknesses were used from 60mm to 160mm and were mechanically fixed to the concrete and granite substrates meaning energy efficiency could be maximised whilst causing minimal disruption making it the ideal cost-effective insulation method.

The project was finished off with Wetherby’s 1.5mm ‘K’ silicone render in white with the added inclusion of Wetherby’s aluminium cladding panels to give a fresh contemporary appearance whilst producing a sustainable and environmentally friendly building.

On completion of the project the U-value has been greatly improved from 2.1w/m²K to 0.30w/m²K meeting current building regulations and meaning residents of the new apartments can be assured they will benefit from thermally efficient homes with energy bills kept to a minimum.

The redevelopment has made vital contributions to the town centre in creating new jobs and providing much needed additional housing for the local community.

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