Cementitious Render Samples

All of our standard polymer modified cementitious render samples are supplied in 6mm petri dishes, (unless indicated otherwise). This gives you the opportunity to quickly narrow down your choice of colour only. For larger projects, once you are satisfied with your choice of colour, we are then able to produce much larger, bespokely created samples based on your choice of colour and desired texture. These larger samples are ideal for the benefit of architects / on-site
display / client purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Wetherby Polymer Render samples are limited to a maximum total of 5 per customer, are subject to availability and for UK & Eire COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLYDependent on the total weight of a sample consignment, we may be forced to charge a nominal delivery fee, the cost of which may be claimed against any subsequent order over £500. Full details on request.

Should you require quantities exceeding this amount, or for more complex samples – including those detailing an insulated system build up – please contact Angela on 0800 107 32 88.

Cementitious Render Samples Request Form

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    Dashing Mortars DA1, DA2, DA3 and DA4; Silicone WP Scratch Render; Silicone FT Smooth Render; Roughcast (Wet Dash); Tyrolean Render; Spray Render: available in the following colours:-

  • WBS Dry Dash Finish: On Cement Particle Board

    (Cut to 180mm x 60mm)

    Price Band A

    Roarth Farnley Lisbon (Alternative: Buff Quartz)
    Brampton Brecon Derwent
    Eden Ingleton Milford
    Malham (Alternative: Arcane) Black & White Polar White
    Red & White Red CP1 Fran

    Price Band B

    Ashton Cream Barleycorn Cameo
    Pembrook (Alternative: Calcined Flint) Harvest Classic


    Buff Quartz (Alternative: Lisbon) Beige Marble    
  • Brick Effect Render

    Also available in other colours, please call for details:-

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