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Committee on Climate Change publishes report on UK CRT’s


Correspondence via Neil Marshall, Chief Executive of the National Insulation Association

The Committee on Climate Change has today published its annual reports on progress towards the UK’s carbon reduction targets which include:

In terms of energy efficiency/insulation measures, the main points are:

  • The policy changes to ECO and Green Deal in 2013 have led to a major slow down in insulation rates and as a result cost effective emissions are being missed and it is having a detrimental effect on the ability to achieve the targets to alleviate fuel poverty.
  • Progress on all main insulation measures is below the required level set by the CCC to achieve the overall carbon targets:
    Solid Wall Insulation – cumulative uptake is almost 500,000 short of the indicator trajectory.
    Cavity Wall Insulation – levels are slightly below the indicator trajectory for 2014.
    Loft Insulation – uptake would fall below trajectory by 2019 if annual uptake remained at 2014 levels.
  • There is little evidence of energy efficiency activity in the non residential buildings sector.

The main recommendations for energy efficiency/insulation in buildings are:

  • Energy Efficiency: set out the future of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) beyond 2017. By mid 2016 DECC should put in place an extension or replacement policy for a period of at least five years to provide clarity to the supply chain.
  • Implement commitments on Zero Carbon Homes for 2016: implement zero carbon standards without further weakening.
  • Simplify policies for commercial energy efficiency: simplify and rationalise the wide range of existing policies for commercial energy efficiency to strengthen incentives.

Please find below a link to the press release that has been issued today by the CCC:

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