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Wetherby Building Systems Ltd have recently partnered with ilke Homes and Positive Homes to bring nine new Modular houses from production line to plot in just five days.

The empty plot of land in Fernwood, Newark is now a housing estate complete with nine new zero-carbon, high-quality and fully sustainable modular houses.

Modular builds are fast becoming the construction method of choice in the UK and it’s easy to see why when it creates less waste than traditional construction, is more energy-efficient in the manufacturing and construction process thanks to Wetherby’s unique interlocking system and provides quick and easy installation meaning disruption to surrounding neighbourhoods is also kept to a minimum.

Each of the new homes in Newark are made up of two modules, a ground floor and a first floor and were precision-engineered in a factory before being delivered to site for the installation and the joining of the modules.

Wetherby’s Modular façade system has been specially designed for application in factory controlled environments and with a flexible approach to finish options it means any build will be a great addition to already existing communities.

The nine new homes at Williams Lane, Newark adopted a dual finish complete with Wetherby’s real clay Cannon Blue Brick Slips to the ground floor modules and Wetherby’s Silicone Render to the first floor modules. The combination of both finishes takes advantage of our durable clay Brick Slip system which utilises a unique tongue and groove interlocking, high density EPS insulation board. This offers a superior strength with high impact resistance and protection from water ingress. Wetherby’s Thin Coat Renders are lightweight and flexible in nature making them ideal for application offsite. The anti-crack formulation allows for areas to be seamlessly rendered providing perfect colour consistency and visually impressive when incorporated alongside Wetherby’s Brick Slips.

Martin Valentine, CEO of Positive Homes said: “Modular housing is a completely different way of construction when you compare it to traditional methods. Because our houses are factory-built it means it only takes a matter of hours to put them in place once they’re brought to site.

This means they are precision-engineered to the highest possible standards and will be sustainable for the years to come, something we’re incredibly passionate about at Positive Homes, especially when the climate change crisis is so prominent in everyone’s minds. Every Positive Home has an energy performance certificate (EPC) rating of A”

Dave Sheridan, executive chairman at ilke Homes, said: “Given the enormity of the climate change challenge, it’s crucial that as an industry we make determined efforts to shift towards a far-more sustainable approach. Offsite manufacturing consumes considerably less energy than traditional construction methods and is the most efficient method of delivering high-quality and highly-sustainable homes at speed. By switching to offsite manufacturing, we can quickly deliver the zero-carbon homes of the future. We’re proud to be working alongside Positive Homes, and leading the way in delivering the very best and most sustainable homes on the market.”

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