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BT Openreach & EWI Installations

As you will be aware from previous posts on this site, there is a requirement upon installers of External Wall Insulation to notify BT Openreach prior to commencing EWI work, so that they have the opportunity to survey the property prior to installation, to see if any modifications are required to their equipment or cables to avoid these being covered or damaged by EWI.

It would appear that not all installers have been doing this and from an EWI installers perspective, concerns have been raised over BT Openreach costs for this work and the timescales involved in carrying out surveys and alterations to equipment and cables.

To address these matters the National Insulation Association initiated a working group with BT Openreach, DECC and the energy suppliers last year and as a result has developed new guidelines that will apply to all EWI installers. There will be a new process for notifying BT Openreach of EWI works, including a new online portal that will reduce the cost to installers and speed up the survey and works carried out by BT Openreach.

This is just a short note to inform NIA members and their contractors that details of the new guidelines and process to be followed which will apply to Green Deal & GDHIF will be issued by Gemserv to all Green Deal registered installers and certification bodies and by OFGEM in relation to ECO during February.



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