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Brexit: Wetherby Prepare for the Worst & Hope for the Best

The clock is ticking for Brexit (deal or no deal), however whatever the outcome, we are in preparation.

The future of the UK has been very uncertain in regards to Brexit. Today’s news reports that the EU leaders have offered the UK a plan which would delay Brexit from 29th March to 22nd May. Albeit, if the withdrawal deal is not approved, this will be brought forward again to 12th April. Therefore, while the future is unclear, the best thing we can do as a company at Wetherby Building Systems is prepare.


What challenges await us?

  • Wetherby is prepared for “No Deal”, but delays are not inconceivable.
  • Depending on how strict the authorities act, waiting times on products from suppliers out of the UK could cause severe delays.
  • Preparation is necessary! The lack or inaccuracy of data and documents will lead to delays.

How are we getting prepared?

Behind the scenes at Wetherby, we have been working extremely hard to get ourselves in the best position we can possibly be in come March 29th. Over the last 6 months we have been stockpiling a wide range of our products sourced out of the UK in preparation of sever delays. Whilst all our insulation is UK sourced most of our thin coat systems, beads and fixings are manufactured in Europe and we have to try and plan ahead to reduce delivery problems.

Unlike our competitors, we are very lucky to have a vast amount of extra warehouse space at our Head Office in Golborne, enough to currently hold an extra 3 months of stock. In preparation, we have the following due in before 29th March;

  • Over £500k of extra stock in our warehouse network.
  • 50,000 bags of basecoat
  • 15,000 tubs of topcoat
  • 200,000m2 of scrim (that’s enough to cover Grand Central Station in New York)
  • Over 4 million brick slips
  • Additional storage of 400 pallets – offsite.

If you have any project due to start in the coming months, we highly recommend you contact us in advance advising us on your material requests.

We hope that the decision will work in our favour, however the best thing we can do is prepare for worst and hope for the best.


For more information or any queries regarding future orders, please call 01942 717100.

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