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£104 Million to Improve Energy Efficiency Across Wales

Welsh Government CarephillyThe Welsh Government has announced it is investing £104 million over the next four years to increase the energy efficiency of up to 25,000 homes across Wales.

The Warm Homes Programme provides funding for home energy efficiency improvements to low income households and those living in deprived communities across Wales.

As well as Welsh Government funding, around £24 million of European funding will go towards the programme.

Wetherby Building Systems help diminish poorly heated homes across the UK, Scotland and Wales and the Government contribution will really help boost the amount of properties receiving energy efficient measures such as External Wall Insulation.


“During the winter months how to keep warm while also meeting high energy bills is a very real concern for many low income households across Wales. I am therefore delighted we are committing £104 million to our Warm Homes Programme over the next four years.

“The Warm Homes Programme aims to make improvements to homes, such as boiler and heating upgrades and applying loft insulation, to increase energy efficiency, reduce household bills and in turn reduce energy use and climate change.

“There is also an emphasis on using the local supply chain to make these changes, creating jobs, developing skills and boosting the local economy.”

Mr and Mrs Foley from Trowbridge have benefited from previous funding schemes.

“Not only does our home look lovely, but we have made over £200 worth of energy savings in just 6 months! The energy advice we have been given has been so helpful. Simple tips for everyday life. We are so grateful for the scheme.”

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