As well as striving to achieve Agrément standards for all of our systems, we also ensure that our systems undergo rigorous tests with external professional bodies such as the BRE, SRL and CERAM. Below is a list of such tests, should you wish to view any of the reports or certificates, please contact our Technical Team on 0800 107 32 99.

Certificate Substrate Insulation Reinforcement Finish Report No
BR 135 Masonry Phenolic Scrim Mesh Dry Dash 230208-1
BRE – Cert: BS8414 Steel Frame Phenolic Scrim Mesh K&A + Silicone 233775-1
BR 135 Masonry Mineral Wool Scrim Mesh K&A + Silicone 240883-2
BRE – Cert: BS8414 Masonry EPS Scrim Mesh K&A + Silicone 262211-1

SRL (Sound Research Laboratory) – Acoustic Testing

System Certificate No
Timber Frame 6873
Timber Frame – Timber Battens – EPS – Silicone 6875
Timber Frame – Timber Battens – Phenolic – Silicone 6876
Timber Frame – Timber Battens – MW – Silicone 6878

CERAM – Impact Testing

  • Brick Slip – Hard & Soft Body Testing
  • Phenolic Insulation & Silicone Render (Armour Mesh on High Impact Basecoat)