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Masonry : Wetherby Polymer Modified Render (Scratch / Smooth)

FileType Download Name
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-01 Base bead detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-02 Party wall detail 1 of 2
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-03 Party wall detail 2 of 2
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-04 Building corner detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-05 Window jamb detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-06 Window head detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-07 Window cill detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-08 Detail at mid floor - change it colour
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-09 Detail at vent through wall
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-10 Roof abutment detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-11 Overcill detail
pdf icon POLY-MOD-RENDER-12 Movement joint detail
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