Product Data Sheets

Please find below our current set of product data sheets, detailing product content and health & safety data.



Reference No. Data Sheet
HS004 Wetherby Enhanced EPS Insulation Board
HS004 Wetherby EPS Insulation Board
HS005 Wetherby Stone Wool Insulation Board (Rockwool)
HS007 Wetherby Phenolic Insulation Board
HS008 XPS Insulation Board

Basecoats & Scrim Adhesives

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS009 Wetherby Polymer Dubbing Render
HS010 Wetherby Scrim Adhesive (BASF)
HS010 Wetherby Scrim Adhesive (K Rend)
HS011 Wetherby Basecoat UF
HS011 Wetherby Basecoat HPX
HS012 Wetherby Premium Scrim Adhesive
HS013 Wetherby HECK K + A Adhesive
HS016 Wetherby Insulation Bedding Adhesive
HS017 Wetherby Styrobond

Polymer Modified Renders & Aggregates

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS014 Heck 4 Seasons Silicone
HS015 Wetherby Scratch Render
HS018 Wetherby Polymer Dashing Mortar x 3
HS019 Wetherby Dashing Aggregates (Derbyshire Aggregates)
HS019 Wetherby Dashing Aggregates (Lloyds Spar Quarries)
HS020 Wetherby BF Dash Receiver White
HS021 Wetherby BF Dash Receiver Cream
HS022 Wetherby Polymer Brick Effect Render
HS023 Wetherby Tyrolean
HS024 Wetherby Roughcast

Thin Coat Finishes

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS025 Wetherby Heck Universal Primer (Universalgrundierung)
HS026 Wetherby Heck Acrylic 1.5mm K
HS027 Wetherby Heck Acrylic Paint
HS028 Wetherby Heck Silicone Render (Siliconharzputze)
HS031 Wetherby Silicone Paint (Siliconeharzturbe)
HS032 Heck ED
HS033 Wetherby Acrylic Render (Terraco)
HS035 Wetherby  Mineral Render
HS036 Wetherby Terraco Stain
HS029 Wetherby Terraco Primer
HS038 Wetherby  Silicone (Terraco)
HS030 Wetherby  Stone Render (Terraco)
HS060 Silicone K1 (Krend)
HS061 K1 Spray (Krend)

Brick Slip Systems

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS037 Wetherby Brick Slip Adhesive
HS039 Wetherby Pointing Mortar
HS044 Wetherby Brick Sips & Pistols

Internal Wall Insulation

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS040 Wetherby  IWI Bounding Compound
HS041 Wetherby  IWI Intumescent & Acoustic Sealant
HS042 Wetherby  IWF80 Hammer Fixings
HS043 Wetherby  IWF120 Hammer Fixings

Ancillary Products

Reference No. Data Sheet
HS001 Wetherby Scrim Mesh Cloth
HS002 Fire Foam B1 Gun Grade
HS003 Expanding Sealing Tape
HS038 Wetherby Rendaboard
HS045 Wetherby Biocidal Wash
HS046 Wetherby Bonding Agent – Stabilising Solution
HS047 Wetherby Silicon Sealant (Bostik Evostik)
HS048 Wetherby Render Beads, Profiles & Trims Metal (Trueline)
HS048 Wetherby Render Beads, Profiles & Trims PVC (Wemico)
HS048 Wetherby Render Beads, Profiles & Trims Stainless (Wemico)
HS048 Wetherby Render Beads, Profiles & Trims PVC (Trueline)
HS049 Wetherby Stix – All
HS050 Wetherby Contact Primer (Terraco)
HS051 Wetherby Aspira Render Protector
HS052 Wetherby Pink Grip
HS053 Wetherby Expanding Foam Fill & Fix
HS054 Wetherby Polyurethane Expanding Foam Cleaner
HS055 Wetherby PVC Solvent Cleaner
HS058 Wetherby Brick Slip Mesh
HS059 EVO-STIK Fire Retardant Expanding Foam Filler