Silicone And Acrylic Samples – Beta

Due to the vast range of colours available, silicone & acrylic texture samples are initially supplied on a hand-sized pre-textured board, over-painted with the colour(s) of your choice. The top right hand corner is purposely left unpainted to show the detail of the actual texture.

This gives you the opportunity to quickly narrow down your choice of colour and texture. For larger projects, once you are satisfied with your choice of colour, we would then look to produce larger ‘through-colour’ product samples for the benefit of architects /on-site display / client purposes.

PLEASE NOTE: Wetherby silicone & acrylic samples are limited to a maximum total of 5 per customer, are subject to availability and are for UK & Eire COMMERCIAL CUSTOMERS ONLYThe first sample will be sent FOC. Any subsequent samples will incur a nominal fee, the cost of which may be claimed against any subsequent order over £500. Full details on request.

Should you require quantities exceeding this amount, or for more complex samples – including those detailing an insulated system build up – please contact Angela on 01942 408558.