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EpsiLine DD

Dot & Dab

Both EpsiLine wall boards and reveal boards can be adhesively bonded to the wall using dabs of EpsiLine bonding compound.

Before fixing the system sufficient time must be allowed for any damp proofing treatments, where applied, to dry out (see also BS 6576: 2005 for dry lining in conjunction with a chemical DPC application).

The system should only be installed by tradespersons who have been trained, carded and approved by Wetherby Building Systems. Applicator cards must carry a valid date and evidence must be provided before a warranty for the works can be issued. Contact our training department for details.

Installations must be in accordance with BS 8212: 1995.

  • epsiline-adhesive-dabsThe direct bonding method allows for variable flatness of the wall.  In all instances, the background should be plumbed for alignment, making allowances for high spots on the masonry. Chalk lines are marked on the floor and ceiling to establish the new wall plane. Vertical guidelines on the wall should be marked at 1200m centres to indicate the positioning of the boards. Fixing positions are determined by lining system type.
  • A continuous bed of EpsiLine bonding compound (conforming to BS EN 14496: 2005) should be applied around the perimeter of the wall as well as around any services or other openings. This is especially important when considering the airtightness of the building. All conduits and piping should be installed prior to commencement of all works. The insulating backing of the laminates should not be removed to accommodate services.
  • Intermediate dabs at ceiling level should be applied and individual dabs should not bridge boards. Typically, the adhesive dabs should cover at least 20% of the board area.
  • The system can be cut using a fine-toothed saw, to fit around windows, doors and air bricks. It is essential that cut pieces completely fill the spaces for which they are intended and are adequately secured.
  • The board should be cut approximately 15mm short of the floor to ceiling height and positioned with the bottom edge resting on packing strips. The boards are tapped into position with a straight-edge and alignment checked with the chalk lines.
  • Once positioned, the board should be lifted to the ceiling edge using a board lifter and supported until the adhesive has set. Once the adhesive has set, a minimum of two nailable fixings should be applied at the mid-point of the board and approximately 25mm from the board edge. Nailable plugs should penetrate the background through the dab by at least 65mm.
  • Other boards should be installed closely butted together using the same technique.


[DOWNLOAD]  Detailed Method Statement

Standard Detail Drawings

FileType Download Name
 EpsiLine-DD-01  Isometric System Build Up
 EpsiLine-DD-02a  Fixing Arrangement
 EpsiLine-DD-02b  Fixing Location & Board
 EpsiLine-DD-03  Base of System
 EpsiLine-DD-04a  Door/Window Head (1 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-04b  Door/Window Head (2 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-05a  Window Cill (1 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-05b  Window Cill (2 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-06a  Window Jamb (1 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-06b  Window Jamb (2 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-07a  External Corner
 EpsiLine-DD-07b  Internal Corner
 EpsiLine-DD-08  Roof Abutment
 EpsiLine-DD-09  IWI to EWI Interface
 EpsiLine-DD-10a  Party Wall (1 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-10b  Party Wall (2 of 2)
 EpsiLine-DD-11  Timber Pattress
 EpsiLine-DD-12  Radiator Fixing
 EpsiLine-DD-13  Heavy Fixtures
 EpsiLine-DD-Full-Set  Full Set