Stone Render








Wetherby Stone Render offers the ideal solution as a cost-effective alternative to achieving the appearance of stone. This is an ideal solution for when planning requires an existing stone type to be matched or replicated. Offering design flexibility for architects, reducing labour time and costs on site for contractors and installers and creating an attractive exterior for the end user.

The Stone Render exterior finish, is based on decorative aggregate mica (flaked mica has a high brightness with a glitter like appearance) coloured stone, acrylic polymers and additives with the following properties:

  • Highly water and weather resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Easy to apply by spray
  • Only 2 coats required
  • UV stable coating

Stone Render Finish Options

Scored Basecoat

Wetherby Stone Render can replicate the appearance of Stone Blockwork. This can be achieved by scoring the desired pattern into the basecoat, then using a suitable spray machine, apply the Stone Render over the top. Joints can be smoothed over to provide the desired look.

Tape/ Painted Joint

Popular with new build projects, Wetherby Stone Render  can provide a clean jointed finish through the use of paint of tape to separate the panels.

Spray Only

Ideal for use on large elevations, Wetherby Stone Render delivers a textured appearance of natural granite.

Small Areas / Features 

For small areas of a facade or when creating feature bands, Stone Render can be applied by trowel for a smooth polished finish, creating a hammer finished stone appearance.


Offering exceptional durability, Stone Render is highly weather resistant, making it ideal for use on properties exposed to severe climate changes. The stone render finish can be applied to our white EPS or graphite enhanced EPS insulation, ensuring a robust, thermally efficient EWI system is installed.







Wetherby Stone Render is available in a range of 8 standard colours, for use with an appropriate spray gun; Incorporating some of the popular British stones.


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