Modular Build – Brick Slip, Silicone & Acrylic Render


What is Modular Construction?

Volumetric construction (often referred to as modular construction) involves the production of three-dimensional units in controlled factory conditions, prior to transportation to site.

While Wetherby have always supplied Insulated Render Systems Systems for this construction type, the increased popularity of Modular Build has provided an opportunity for continuous development.

Modular Insulated Render System

Adapting to the current trend, Wetherby have developed a new innovative Insulated Render Systems for the Modular Build market, including our attractive brick slip and silicone/acrylic render systems:

The modular facade system comprises of a unique interlocking design on larger 1200mm x 1200mm high density EPS insulation boards, providing superior strength and resilience, while reducing board installation times.

Wetherby’s wide range of systems and finishes can be used on a variety of Modular Build System types. They have been designed to significantly reduce installation times, while maintaining a highly energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

Wetherby Modular system finishes include thin-coat renders and brick slip cladding, which can all be applied either in a factory prior to site delivery or after the modules have been finally positioned on-site.

Benefits of Wetherby Insulated Render System for Modular Build (Volumetric) Construction

  • Unique Interlocking System
  • Rapid application times
  • Less disruption on-site
  • Reduces insulation waste
  • Lightweight modular facade systems
  • Highly impact resistant

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