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Mineral Render PLUS


We have the solution to adverse weather rendering!

If the UK’s weather is changing … then so must Wetherby’s products!


epsicoat_mineral_render_plusDuring 2014, Wetherby undertook months of scientific research and testing, in association with one of the world most revered chemical companies Terraco Ltd. As a direct result of the findings,  Wetherby’s Mineral Render PLUS was chemically manufactured for exclusive use in the UK market.

The unique, BBA Approved formulation, currently not available anywhere else in the UK, offers the same versatility as silicone render, yet unlike silicone renders which set by air drying, EpsiCoat Mineral Render PLUS relies on a chemical reaction during the curing process, enabling it to dry much quicker and become less susceptible to delamination and wash-offs in cold and wet conditions.

Wetherby’s Mineral Render PLUS has an almost identical granular appearance to silicone render and the application method onto external wall insulation is exactly the same, meaning additional training is often not required.


Drying Times

*Timescales are realistically achievable when all application guidelines have been met.
Basecoat must be fully cured before applying mineral render coat.



Epsi Coat Mineral Render PLUS

How does it cure so quickly?

Although silicone renders offer a supreme quality, weatherproof finish, as with any sort of external coating they need to be applied in the right atmospheric conditions to ensure optimum performance. During the curing process the face of a silicone render forms a film and dries slowly, yet the water content still has to be allowed to evaporate so that the polymer/silicone film can harden and set. In adverse weather conditions, when the drying process is slowed down, silicone render can become vulnerable to trapped moisture, bubbling, partial delamination and complete wash offs, even days after application if strict application guidelines are not adhered to and the area is not adequately protected.

Wetherby Mineral Render PLUS ‘vs’ Standard Thin Coat Silicone Render

(Based on 4.25ltr water addition – note that guidelines give a 4.25-4.50 tolerance)











Certificate 15/5192

Wetherby Mineral Render PLUS is BBA approved – certificate no: 15/5192. Application is quick, easy and the product is rainproof within 2 hours – a perfect solution in the UK’s unreliable weather conditions.

A through colour formulation (meaning that over-staining is not required), Wetherby Mineral Render PLUS is available in a range of 7 standard colours, however depending on quantities of material required, additional colours may be available on request. Although a polymer modified, dry powder product, Wetherby Mineral Render PLUS contains no source of lime hence will not suffer from discolouration/efflorescence.

However, it does contain the latest in encapsulated biocides and is one of the only mineral renders on the market to be truly fungal / algal resistant.

  • Rain resistant within 1 hour
  • Touch dry within 2 hours
  • Dries independently of humidity
  • Available in 7 standard colours
  • Can be applied in cold / damp / humid conditions
  • Offers a faster drying time than silicone texture
  • Requires a primer to ensure colour stability
  • Comes with full BBA technical approval (15/5192)

Colour Options

PLEASE NOTE: We currently stock Arctic & Pearl. Other colours are on a 6 week lead time.

All colours are displayed as accurately as allowable and slight variations in colour will almost certainly occur. We strongly recommend that physical samples are obtained prior to ordering.



mineral_render_plus_brochure DOWNLOAD BROCHURE >>>

Styrofix Board Adhesive

Styrofix is a water resistant insulation board adhesive, used as part of a Wetherby Mineral Render System. Offers excellent adhesion between the substrate and insulation boards either to level out uneven surfaces, or when fully bedding on high rise applications. Easy to use, just add water and mix to a pliable consistency.


Supplied in 25kg paper sacks

Styrobond -M Basecoat

Styrobond -M is a pre blended basecoat, used as part of a Wetherby Mineral Render System. Provides an excellent basecoat layer for embedding alkali reinforcing mesh to offer superior flexural strength and impact resistance to all elevations. Offers excellent adhesion and is easy to use, just add water.

Terraco-Styrobond-M-25kgSupplied in 25kg paper sacks

EpsiCoat Primer

EpsiCoat Primer is a highly developed product in liquid form, which absorbs deeply into a cementitious basecoat substrate. Absorbs deep into a cementitious basecoat, sealing the substrate and preventing the seeping of efflorescence to the surface. Provides a solid key for the application of finishing coats such as Wetherby Mineral Render PLUS.

Supplied in 15 litre reusable plastic tubs in three colours: