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Aspira Biocidal Wash


A highly effective biological solution which effectively removes algae, mould and lichen.


Wetherby’s Biocidal Wash is suitable for a range of substrate materials including: Brick, tile, concrete, stone and cladding, as well as silicone, acrylic, mineral and polymer modified render finishes.



Wetherby Biocidal Wash is an environmentally friendly cleaning solutions, safe to plants, animals and humans.

  • Kills algae, mould and lichen (approx 1 year)
  • Leaves residual protection
  • No rinsing required
  • Environmentally friendly option

Biocidal WashAlthough many renders incorporate algae resistant properties, substrates can eventually become susceptible to micro-organisms when located in very green or damp areas.

Wetherby’s Biocidal Wash contains a patented mix of biocides which can be used to treat affected render systems and substrates.


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