Wirral Partnership Homes

Wirral Partnership Homes has undertaken an innovative adaptation project on one of its homes in Moreton which will radically transform the life of a disabled four year old boy and his family.

Scott Smith suffers from Myotubular Myopathy, a rare condition that causes the weakness and wasting of muscles, which leaves Scott confined to a wheelchair and leaving him unable to breathe without the aid of a ventilator. This has led to living conditions in the family home becoming extremely cramped as Scott is unable to negotiate the stairs and has to sleep and wash downstairs.

A revolutionary Modular Adaptation Pod (MAP) has been fitted around the family’s existing home and provides a two room extension specially tailored to suit Scott’s needs and provide better working conditions for his team of carers.

The MAP, which was designed and installed by Shropshire based company Building Components, includes a bedroom with ramped entrance, ceiling hoist lift and integrated bathroom complete with a level access shower. The MAP was built and fitted with the specialist equipment at Building Components factory. Once the interior had been completed RW Hough applied a Wetherby Insulated Render System incorporating EPS insulation and a dash finish that had been chosen to match the existing property, ensuring the ‘extension’ would be warm and comfortable for Scott to live in.

The MAP was then loaded onto a lorry and taken to site where it was craned into position and fitted to the house in just one day.

Project Type

Adaptation Project - Modular


Wirral Partnership Homes

System Installer

R W Hough



Building Components Limited (MAP Manufacturer)