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Volumetric Construction / Modular Construction

Modular Pod With Finishes Applied Offsite

Volumetric construction (often referred to as modular construction) involves the production of three-dimensional units in controlled factory conditions, prior to transportation to site.

Modules can be delivered to site in a variety of forms, some may simply be a basic empty shell awaiting on-site finishing, others may have already been completely fitted out with all the necessary internal/external finishes and services, and be purely ready for on-site assembly.

The maximum size of a volumetric unit is only really determined by the practicalities of transportation, road and site access. The strength and rigidity of the modules however, is a very important factor and must be sufficient enough to allow them to be securely transported and craned into place on-site without being damaged.

The majority of the volumetric construction in the UK to date has been primarily used in hotels, student accommodation, health authorities, NHS Trusts and fast food sectors, however family-sized accommodation is becoming increasingly popular and a terraced ‘town-house’ might typically be broken down in four basic modules, plus a roof and even possibly a dormer window module.

This method of construction enables the client and the architect much greater flexibility when selecting an external finish.

Wetherby’s range of systems are ideal for use with volumetric modules and include traditional polymer cement renders, thin-coat silicone & acrylic finishes and brick slip cladding, which can all be applied either prior to site delivery or after the modules have been finally positioned on-site.

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Benefits of Volumetric Construction

  • More cost effective that traditional methods of construction
  • Rapid on-site assembly time
  • Improved quality
  • Reduced defects & snagging
  • Less disruption on-site
  • Better predictability and control
  • Good thermal, acoustic and wind resistant properties
  • Fantastic choice of external finishes available

Nick Everton House, Manchester

Volumetric Construction on High Rise Building