Polarwall ICF Bungalows

These modern high specification eco friendly bungalows were built using an insulated concrete formwork (ICF) building method.

This build process is up to 50% faster than traditional building methods, is a relatively low-skilled and flexible method of construction, requiring little in the way of plant and is recognised as a Modern Method of Construction by the BRE.

Once the structure had been assembled and the concrete poured into the recesses of the ICF blocks, to provide a structurally sound dwelling, a decorative Wetherby render system was selected to complete the final façade.  

A K&A basecoat was applied to the outer ICF wall into which a strengthening alkali resistant mesh was bedded. A secondary layer of basecoat was applied to cover the mesh and provide a smooth base for the final topcoat.  Once the basecoat was dry a layer of Wetherby 1.5mm ‘K’ Silicone Render was applied to encapsulate the buildings and give a bright, modern, weatherproof finish to the properties.


Project Type

Residential New Build - ICF


System Installer

Sykes Specialist Contracting Limited